MPEG-DASH Ecosystem Status

While most of IBC’s buzz was generated by the shiny HEVC + 4K couple, it was a good occasion to stand back from the hype and measure how one of the most important video standards at least for the OTT world had spread over the industry since last year. MPEG-DASH is not sexy let’s remember that it’s basically a collection of XML schemes, it’s a bit boring as it’s usually demonstrated with the Big Buck Bunny that you saw not less than 2.000 times and it’s complex – but once you go past those defaults, you might find that its potential to simplify your workflows and boost the profitability of your video service is high…

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When Will H.265 HEVC Arrive and What Will it Mean for MPEG DASH? – Streaming Media Magazine

The latest draft of the high-efficiency video coding codec appears to point to early 2013 for the final specification.

By Tim Siglin

Last year’s MPEG standards buzz was around DASH (dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP) which provides a standardized way to segment H.264-based MP4 files for fragmented delivery. This year’s end-of-year buzz may very well be around the high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) codec set to replace H.264.

Known as H.265, the specification is currently in its draft stage, with the most recent draft being released last week. Hot on the heels of MPEG LA’s call for essential HEVC patents, which we covered last month, the newest H.265 draft — Draft 6 — is now available for your reading pleasure in a Zip file.

Draft 6 appears to be solid enough, addressing a number of outstanding questions from previous drafts, so we suspect MPEG is nearing the end of its draft versions and setting the stage for an early 2013 release of the codec…

via When Will H.265 HEVC Arrive and What Will it Mean for MPEG DASH? – Streaming Media Magazine.