Why a Blog about DTV?

The fact of the matter is that I have been involved in Digital TV (DTV) before it was digital (it was Advanced TV!) In the early days of testing (1991-94), I knew little about anything except the RF side of the equation (that would be Radio Frequency). In today’s world of digital, consumers are left expecting that things tomorrow will be different than today. That reality of change, and the necessity of doing so in an evolving way, has struck the world of Broadcast Television. While it seems as though the DTV standard of today is fairly new, the reality is that much of the underlying technologies and approaches are 20 years old, an in an evolving digital world, that is ANCIENT! So, as an industry, we must find a way forward that entices consumers, excites Broadcasters, and builds a profitable future for all!

Recently, the FCC has been on a rampage to collect spectrum to be made available to the wireless (phone) carriers. Most recently that has taken the form of pushing for a ‘voluntary incentive auction’ that would reallocate/re-purpose the TV Broadcast spectrum. Congress has given such authority to the FCC, and this industry must do everything possible to ensure that the actions taken do not disadvantage any viewer who desires to receive “free over-the-air” television.

To that end, the company I work for (Sinclair Broadcast Group) is creating an environment where the idea of developing and deploying a ubiquitous, relevant and fully competitive wireless Broadcast distribution capability is Job #1 for the entire industry.

1. What’s is my goal?

I have several goals. First, I will share my passion for television broadcasting.  After 35+ years, I have learned a few things, forgotten some things, but have my heart in what I do every day. Second, there is a need to inform and transform an industry that has a lot going for it, just seems to have lost a vision of being the best at what we do everyday. Thirdly, I spend my time investigating, talking and visiting many industries. I will share my observations and insights and ask for our involvement to discover areas that impact our existence.

2. What topics am I most interested in?

All things digital. Technology! The impact of Politics on the things we do everyday. For example, to understand the FCC as a regulator, one must remember “Regulators regulate” Go figure! I guess when it comes to Congress, one might say “Legislators legislate”…I guess I am learning!

3. What’s my perspective?

Time for a rethink of what the nature and means of our business is. Many organizations, all loosely coupled, but drifting without a vision for the future of television broadcasting. Who knows, I have a few good ideas, maybe some of them could be shaped into a broad vision?

4. Who’s my target audience?

Anyone interested in television broadcasting.


One thought on “Why a Blog about DTV?

  1. We live near Sacramento in a small town and our DTV reception is unreliable, to say the least. Our channels are slowly diminishing so now we are only able to get about 4 semi-consistently, and when it is cloudy or even just dark, reception often goes away completely, no matter where we tweak the antennae (which is a huge thing on top of the roof that is supposed to be state of the art). We have friends that have the same problems, and often meet others in line for DVDs who also complain. We do not want to pay for TV, and have filed a complaint with the FCC and encouraged others to do so. What has the government done to people who don’t want to pay for TV? Are they allowing more and more large corporations (ie ATT) to squeeze broadcasting bandwidth? Is free TV going to be a thing of the past?

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