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(see # 8.) ONE MEDIA

As the Advanced Television Systems Committee works to develop a new broadcast television standard, One Media is noteworthy for the contributions it is making to that process and the potential disruption it might cause.

It was set up in May 2014 by Sinclair Broadcasting and Coherent Logix to test and develop next generation broadcast technologies for ATSC 3.0. Since then, they’ve brought in some very high profile tech talent, including Kevin Gage, former CTO of NAB, as EVP and CTO, and have been working on a number of promising technologies such as Scalable High Efficiency Video Coding.

Such innovation is important because ATSC 3.0 could revolutionize the industry by allowing broadcasters to offer a host of new services, ranging from 4K broadcasts to the ability to deliver robust signals to mobile devices or fast moving cars.

But Sinclair and One Media executives have also been vocal critics of the technologies ATSC seems to be embracing for the new standard. Such debate is a necessary part of the process of innovation but it could also complicate efforts by the industry to come together quickly around a new standard. Failure to do so could be very costly, making it impossible to implement ATSC 3.0 as part of the 2016 FCC spectrum auctions and subsequent repacking of spectrum. –GW

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