Comcast and Liberty Global agree to share their Wi-Fi networks

An even trade that adds significant scale…maybe “WiFi Calling” will benefit?


Cable giants Comcast and Liberty Global have signed a deal that will allow Liberty’s broadband customers to use Xfinity wireless hotspots in the U.S. and Comcast customers to roam onto Liberty’s Wi-Fi network in European countries.

It’s a significant deal since both have extensive Wi-Fi footprints. Comcast now has 3 million hotspots, while Liberty runs of a network of 2.5 million Wi-Fi nodes. The reasons both their networks have grown so big, though, is that Comcast and Liberty customers are the ones actually running the Wi-Fi access points.

Both Comcast and Liberty have adopted crowdsourcing approaches to their hotspot networks. Any customer who uses one of their routers is actually running two networks, a private home network for their use only and a public network that any Comcast or Liberty customer can access. The two cable operators have essentially tasked their customers to build their network for them, and…

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