If Comcast gets TWC, three out of four Americans could get a broadband cap

Is this really what Americans want? Is this really good for Net neutrality? Makes one wonder…


As regulators attempt to sift through the possible public harms and benefits of Comcast’s(s cmsca) $45.2 billion plan to buy Time Warner Cable(s twc), we thought it was worth showing that if the deal takes place it could lead to a significant jump in the number of broadband subscribers getting a data cap. If we add Time Warner Cable’s 11.6 million broadband subscribers from the end of 2013 into the mix of customers with caps, the total percentage of U.S. homes that have some type of cap or other limit on downloads rises to 78 percent up from 64 percent today.

That’s a significant jump, especially after the number of homes with caps plateaued after 2011 when AT&T hopped on board the bandwagon that Comcast started driving in 2008. A side note for data nerds: The percentage ofcapped consumers could be a bit higher because the Leichtman Research Group…

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