How Steve Perlman’s “Revolutionary” Wireless Technology Works – and Why its a Bigger Deal than Anyone Realizes

MAAFrom this compiled piece, I walk away with this quote emblazoned…”The real wireless revolution here is not communication – it’s power. And it’s just getting started…” Imagine of Tesla’s vision of Wireless Power Transmission of energy was widely available?! Gamechanger of a different sort…

Before I get into the technical evaluation of Artemis’s demo videos and much-ballyhooed claims in the press, let’s cut through the hype:

Is this going to revolutionize wireless communications? While these demos alone don’t necessarily demonstrate speeds beyond what is theoretically capable with LTE systems today, I think the evidence is clear that this technology can offer a solution to the “spectrum crunch” problem, so I’d say yes. From a mobile consumer’s standpoint, it’ll just seem like the next step in evolution from 4G to 5G – much faster, more consistent speeds, and with lower latency. Now, whether or not it actually gets deployed by carriers is another matter all together.

Is this invention completely unique? No! Just last year, a German university demonstrated a working prototype of essentially the same technique (albeit without a snazzy streaming video demo or compatability on traditional cell phones) in the video here. The theory behind this sort of system is referred to as “network MIMO” or “cooperative MIMO” in the literature and “coordinated beamforming” in the 3GPP LTE-A specification [30], and dates back to 2001, if not earlier [1] [2]. But then again, when is an invention ever done in a vacuum? Calculus, the telephone, and the Hall-Heroult process for smelting aluminum were all discovered simultaneously. What Artemis has done is taken techniques that are being proposed for upcoming 5G systems and figured out how to solve all the engineering challenges involved, years ahead of the rest of the industry [3] [4].

Have they broken the Shannon limit? No, they’ve just side-stepped it. Each user now has their own channel, and can use it up to the full Shannon limit without having to share it with anyone else. See the section of their whitepaper beginning with “Shannon’s Law is not about spectrum data rate limits, it is about channel data rate limits”.

via How Steve Perlman’s “Revolutionary” Wireless Technology Works – and Why its a Bigger Deal than Anyone Realizes.


2 thoughts on “How Steve Perlman’s “Revolutionary” Wireless Technology Works – and Why its a Bigger Deal than Anyone Realizes

  1. Mark, wonder what effect if any, this could have on the upcoming 2015 FCC TV spectrum auction?

    Is the technology too immature to impact 2015 auctions?

    Seems if this technique could be implemented, the $ value spectrum would decline somewhat.

    A recent article “Power from the void”, Consumer Electronics Magazine, IEEE (Volume:3 , Issue: 3 ) July 2014, provides some details into this approach. Also provides support and confirms validity, as you mentioned your above writeup.

    • It is unlikely that the FCC is willingly going to back away from ‘taking away’ spectrum for any reason. If the Artemis approach has large scale validity (which I am personally skeptical of…), it will not be used as reason to imagine the FCC saying “Sorry, but technology has solved the scarcity problem…” My personal position is that the drive to extract spectrum from Broadcasters is driven by a philosophy that abhors free, democratic voices being heard…call me a fringe paranoid…

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