The FCC will soon share its response to the court’s maiming of network neutrality

Network Neutrality is important. But just as important is avoiding government regulation. There is an imperative to balance the two…


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler plans to share his agency’s plans for handling the uncertain state of the open internet in the coming days. Speaking at an event in Boulder, Colorado Monday, he said that he plans to outline how he plans to proceed in the wake of a court decision that gutted the Open Internet Order that enshrined the concept of network neutrality into law over three years ago.

Network neutrality is a concept that says ISPs can’t discriminate against the traffic flowing over their networks. The concerns are that without some sort of regulatory mandate, ISPs will seek to charge companies for faster delivery of their content over broadband pipes into users’ homes. Under that scenario a company like ESPN might pay for priority access to end users, leaving competitors or upstarts stuck trying to get to the end user over a slower path path.

After years…

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