So, wondered why that new phone goes dead quicker than the old one. Maybe it is NOT the added browsing time!


Every mobile carrier wants to replace their old voice services with new VoIP-based systems utilizing their 4G networks, but it looks like they’ve got some big kinks to iron out in the technology first. Wireless testing and measurement vendor Spirent Communications has identified a big problem with voice over LTE (VoLTE): it consumes twice as much power as a traditional 2G call, which could have big implications for mobile phone battery life.

Metrico Wireless, a radio field testing company Spirent acquired in September, conducted voice trials on a commercial VoLTE-enabled network in two U.S. cities, comparing the power consumption of VoIP calls made over LTE against the power used by the same carrier’s CDMA systems. Spirent-Metrico didn’t name the carrier, but it’s not hard to guess.

MetroPCS(s pcs) is the only U.S. operator with a live VoLTE service and a commercially available handset. The 1540 milliamp hour (mAh)-battery on Metro’s…

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