Reliable UDP (RUDP): The Next Big Streaming Protocol? – Streaming Media Magazine

Studios, playouts, news desks, broadcast centers, and editing suites all want their video content intact/lossless, but naturally they want to manipulate that data between machines as fast as possible. Having video editors drinking coffee while videos transfer from one place to another is inefficient (even if the coffee is good).

Given they cannot operate in a lossy way, are these production facilities stuck with TCP and all the inherent inefficiencies that come with the reliable transfer? Because TCP ensures all the data gets from point to point, it is called a “reliable” protocol. In UDP’s case, that reliability is “left to the user,” so UDP in its native form is known as an “unreliable” protocol.

The good news is that there are indeed options out there in the form of a variety of “reliable UDP” protocols, and we’ll be looking at those in the rest of this article. One thing worth noting at the outset, though, is that if you want to optimize links in your workflow, you can either do it the little-bit-hard way and pay very little, or you can do it the easy way and pay a considerable amount to have a solution fitted for you.

via Reliable UDP (RUDP): The Next Big Streaming Protocol? – Streaming Media Magazine.


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