There is a lot that can be learned, but much more to explore. I believe the future is ties to leveraging the best platforms in unison…to best fit the multitude of requirements. For TV Broadcasters, it is about leveraging a new, more capable broadcast platform and fully exploiting the the “Free-to-Air” ad model…

Business Management

I remember when, during the late 90’s, the first cell phone with built-in camera appeared on the market. I wondered if this will make my photo camera useless and I have to say that, during my last holiday, it didn’t. I only took pictures with my mobile phone when the batteries were gone in my photo camera so this expectation did not become reality so far, at least not for me. Indeed here are limitations to the size of the device and lenses but, if I look back, I see tremendous innovations changing the market and our behaviour: the touchscreen, WI-FI access, access to email, internet access, PDA functionalities etc. I published a more detailed timeline on the evolution of mobility in a previous post.

What can we expect next?

PwC anticipates that 4G innovation could spawn new use cases, involving more and better streaming video, including more satisfactory viewing…

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