Just an indication of the capability on tap for LTE-A and the wireless industry…


Qualcomm has partners, journalists and analysts in Berlin for its IQ event. There are a number of network-related demos, featuring LTE-A, LTE Broadcast, femtocells and UMTS Direct demos. I’ve briefly summarised a few of them here.

Fractional UMTS
The first one I saw was on Fractional UMTS – F-UMTS – a method of squeezing UMTS into half of a “normal” 5MHz channel, by reducing the baseband chip rate (Mcps).

Qualcomm said that delivering UMTS in half the available channel, allows operators to roll out UMTS where they are spectrum constrained. Essentially, F-UMTS delivers UMTS over half the channel bandwidth normally used, meaning operators can deliver UMTS over 2.5MHz channels – accepting that throughput will be half that of a full channel deployment. So, if you have a 14.4Mbps capable base station and device, you’re going to get a max of 7Mpbs using F-UMTS.

Qualcomm demonstrated two femtocell reference platforms, one…

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