MisterDTV – If there is ANY doubt about the future of mobile to drive new revenue streams…NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO WAKE UP!

Contactless Intelligence

MasterCard has finalised a five-year deal with Everything Everywhere (the joint venture between France Telecom’s Orange and T-Mobile) to develop mobile payment solutions, with a “co-branded, prepaid solution for mobile devices” enabling contactless NFC payments.

Further plans for the co-operation include loyalty rewards, money transfers and other as yet unspecified elements. This deal follows on the heels of the MasterCard / Deutsche Telekom deal that was made a few months back (read more here) covering Germany and Eastern Europe.

“Our vision is of a world beyond cash and the phone is a key tool to driving this step-change. As the sophistication of smartphones continues to evolve, and the mobile payments ecosystem starts to open up, I believe that people will use their mobile phones in lieu of a traditional wallet and start making higher-end purchases, such as white goods or even cars, all through their phones,”said Marion King, president…

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