Spectrum – Crunching the Numbers – Verizon PolicyBlog

COMMENT – I love the argument! First, they position that they are getting the AWS spectrum? Done deal?! Then the closing…it’s a waste to talk about efficiency, just give us more spectrum even if everyone knows that it won’t solve the “problem”. Is there any life on the Hill that can see the “problem” is only going to be solved by a new architecture (not more wasteful use of spectrum), and Broadcasters are in the best position to be a large poart of the solution…IF WE KEEP OUR SPECTRUM! – MisterDTV

Verizon Wireless is purchasing Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) licenses from SpectrumCo and Cox to ensure that our customers get the fast, reliable service they expect from their 4G devices. This purchase is clearly in the public interest. It puts unused spectrum into the hands of 109 million consumers who will use it for high-quality wireless broadband service on Verizon’s 4G LTE-enabled smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

via Spectrum – Crunching the Numbers – Verizon PolicyBlog.


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