TVTechnology: McAdams On: Surplus Spectrum

700 MHz divestures raise questions about value of TV spectrum for wireless

NEWS, FLASH: The world as we know it will not end if the remaining TV spectrum is not commandeered for the wireless industry. It seems the wireless industry doesn’t have any use for the TV channels it obtained in 2008 auction of 700 MHz spectrum. Both Verizon and Cox are now trying to dump 700 MHz spectrum, which, if you recall, was absolutely vital just a few years ago to the wireless future of the United States. Wireless carriers have been talking about a spectrum crunch since the mid-’80s, when they convinced Congress to push through the digital transition (at a cost of billions to taxpayers), and redesignated TV Chs. 52-69—the 700 MHz allocations—for wireless communications.

via TVTechnology: McAdams On: Surplus Spectrum.


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