Mobile TV May Make A Comeback | TechPinions

I have been tracking the mobile TV space since the early 2000′s and mostly given up after the last push, using DVB-H failed. I tracked quite a bit of research around mobile TV in North America and we performed our own use case research as well. North America as a market for mobile TV is very different then markets like Asia and other parts of Europe.

Large parts of North American populations don’t spend long periods of time commuting on things like trains. In many other parts of the world this is the case and those markets are the ones where Mobile TV has had more success. However, with the rise of tablets, and perhaps even greater installed base of smartphones I wonder if Mobile TV could make a comeback.

While here at CTIA I got caught up with an organization called the OMVC or Open Mobile Video Coalition. This organization is helping launch a new service in the fall called What makes this solution different, and perhaps what gives it the best chance to succeed, is that it is built upon the existing ATSC digital broadcast infrastructure. DVB-H required quite a bit of new infrastructure investments and many did not make them. By integrating right into the existing ATSC infrastructure for broadcast today many broadcasters and networks immediately take advantage of this solution. There are two requirements to make this work. First the broadcast stations need only spend between 15,000-25,000 dollars to add the additional infrastructure to broadcast their existing ATSC signal to mobile devices. This, I am told, is very simple to install and would take a technician about two hours install. Second, the DTV chip needs to be embedded in a mobile device or built into an accessory for a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone.

via Mobile TV May Make A Comeback | TechPinions.


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