T-Mobile turns down Verizon’s 700MHz spectrum sale – SlashGear

COMMENT – I will say this again and again. The wireless guys do NOT really want our spectrum, they want our business. Take away spectrum (our oxygen) and we die. We are just in their way to total dominance. This news from T-Mobile underscores and is just another reflection on the reality of physics and impact on the nature of a unicast architecture when the demand is point-to-point personalized data. UHF – GREAT propagation. Good for broadcast, bad for unicast by the nature of the primary limitation of the service infrastructure. The problem for the big wireless folks is the following. They ‘conned’ Congress into giving the FCC what they wanted – auction authority. What Congress did not know is the the intent was to harm broadcasting (deprive us of oxygen), and enable the carriers (picking winners and losers). Maybe the story they have told can be suitably ‘de-constructed’? – MisterDTV

Verizon’s proposed purchase of $3.9 billion worth of US wireless spectrum formerly reserved for over-the-air cable broadcasts is not sitting well with competitor T-Mobile, as they’ve said before. Today T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm made it clear in no uncertain terms that the company wasn’t interested in the bands that Verizon proposed to sell as a concession for its acquisition of prime wireless real estate in the AWS spectrum.

via T-Mobile turns down Verizon’s 700MHz spectrum sale – SlashGear.


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