The Consumer Electronics Industry and our Future

Just thought that I would extend an apology if I have offended members of the CE industry unjustly. Here are the simple facts. The best days of TV Broadcasting could well be in front of us if we are willing to try. Does competition exist for our businesses and our livelihood? I would certainly hope so. Having said that, the government should NOT be in a position to pick winners and losers. The opportunity to connect with Americans on a wireless basis should not be the simple privilege of the wireless phone companies alone. Broadcasters have plowed the fields and spent the efforts to connect. The fact that an industry, with the blessing of its regulator, chose the WRONG standard to transmit to the public is a shared responsibility – but should NOT be the basis to say “you’re out!”. So, as long as everyone is willing to come together and do what is in the broad interest of all Americans, I think we have the capability to do great things – together! Again!Image


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