The Great Desert Gathering…

This is my 37th NAB Show (used to be a convention). A long, long time for such a young man! 🙂 I am sitting here, packing my bag, and wondering what will be the biggest surprise? Broadcasting, and the role it has played in our lives has changed over the decades, but one thing can be said for certain. LOCAL TELEVISION has been with us from the beginning, and remains a very relevant part of our daily life. In the beginning, the definition of TV as a ubiquitous service was simple – we were in most every home living room in the country. What is just as certain is this fact – the definition of ubiquitous has evolved. Ubiquitous today is defined as being with us wherever we may be, not just in the living room of our homes. In order for television to be ubiquitous, it must seek to be everywhere. That will require change, and the technologies exist to make that possible. My challenge is one of making that happen. Might just keep me busy for the next few years 😉


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